WaggleBlog – Very First!

Hello everyone!  My name is Elizabeth Locker and I am the primary owner and pet care provider here at WaggleZen, where our motto is, “Happier, Healthier Dogs through Love, Movement and Training.”

Before I started this business, almost one year ago, I had been out of the high tech world for several months.  During that time, I was searching for the same type of work, as an Executive Assistant, in the same industry that had been my career for over 14 years.  After all, it was what I excelled at and enjoyed doing.  Then inspiration struck!  A good friend, in Seattle, had started her own dog walking, pet sitting business and was doing exceedingly well at it.  I adore dogs and have cared for, trained, and nurtured many of them throughout the years.  With the skills honed as a senior level Executive Assistant, along with the canine care skills, why couldn’t I be successful running my own pet services business? My answer was a resounding, “There is absolutely no reason why I wouldn’t do well!”  Then came the discussions with my spouse, industry research, training and working with a mentor.

In April of this year we will celebrate one year in business.  It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience so far.  When I’m out walking or training a dog, there is a feeling of joy and fulfilment that I’ve never known before!  Our clients, both human and canine, are second to none!  I feel such gratitude for all of them and for being able to do this true labor of love!

In the upcoming blogs, I will share on-the-job observations, experiences and some helpful canine care tips and tricks.  Stay tuned!

E and Churro_V2

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