WaggleBlog #4: Keep Them Safe and Cool!

The majority of my WaggleZen time is spent caring for dogs outdoors, mainly in the form of walking.  I schedule those walks, throughout the day, during the Winter and Spring.  However,  those walks have to be shifted to early morning and evening, in the Summer and Fall, due to hot midday temperatures.  I encourage folks to do the same or their canine family members could come away with burnt paws and possibly suffer a heat stroke.  Recently I purchased a laser temperature gauge.  It helps me quickly determine whether my fur clients will be doing an outdoor walk or some indoor, air conditioned playtime.  You simply aim the laser toward the sidewalk and/or asphalt, press the trigger and a temperature is displayed.  On this particular afternoon, it was 90 degrees F outside.  The sidewalk reading was 127 degrees F and asphalt was at 139 degrees F.  Way too hot for a dog walk!  A great general rule of thumb is, if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your canine family member.  Keep them safe, hydrated, and cool this Summer and Fall!



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