WaggleBlog #6: 2020 is behind us, Thank Goodness! Time to prepare our fur kids for parental mobility

To say that 2020 was challenging is a huge understatement. However, one of the bright spots has been the ability to be home and near our fur kids. And we have to know that our fur kids have been more than happy to have their human parents close by most of the time. They have become quite accustomed to having us around. This is creating a situation that will be emotionally difficult for them once folks are able to travel and work outside of the home. Since the Covid-19 vaccine is making its way around the population, shelter in place will one day (soon, hopefully) allow us to roam. One of the ways to prepare fur kids for this transition is to get them out with other people and/or pets, to keep them socialized and active. I will be very happy to help with this. In addition to my dog walking and pet sitting services, I can even come to your home, wearing a mask for safety sake, to give them a bath. I know many of you are still very busy and I would love to assist with your fur kid care.

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